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Reset Local User passwords in Windows 7

I forgot my own password for the Boot Camp partition on my MacBook Pro, I'd been letting it sit unused so long it just never had a chance to gel with me.

Well, it turns out the trusty "Offline NT Password & Registry Editor" is still fully functional with Windows 7, so I downloaded the appropriate ISO, burned it to a CDR, and minutes later I had access to the system

Holding down alt/option to select the boot disk at startup allowed me to choose the CDR I had burned, though it did not detect my keyboard, plugging in an external made everything work smoothly from that point forward.

A handy tool in a pinch when you're locked out of your own OS.


Format Large Drives as FAT32 Easily

A customer came in today with a 640GB External Hard Disk intending to connect it to his PlayStation 3.  

The trouble was it came pre-formatted with the newer NTFS file system and the PS3 wants the older FAT32 format common before Windows XP.

Being a savvy guy, he had already tried and failed with the built in Windows Formatting tool, as well as CompuApps Inc. SwissKnife which he had read about, but I was able to turn him onto Fat32 Formatter by Ridgecrop Consulting.

Fat32 Formatter was able to format his drive as FAT32, no problem.

So if you're planning to hook up your fresh-out-of-the-box External Drive to your PS3, give Fat32 Formatter a try to avoid hiccups.