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Getting "Open With" opening programs?

You may find that after removing particularly brutal malware (scare-ware in the form of fake antivirus usually) you can't run programs and you just get the dreaded "Open With" dialog you would normally get if you don't have the correct program to open a file.

Follow the instructions at this link to quickly resolve the problem, saving and double-clicking the .reg file linked there has worked for us.


Reset Jawbone ERA to fix no audio

Best headset on earth: The Jawbone ERALeft my Jawbone charging in my car and when I unplugged it seemed to be operating properly (lights, pairing), except there was no sound.

After some amount of troubleshooting, including updating via the myTalk site, I found some reset instructions buried on their site for the Jawbone ICON which solved my problem:

To Reset the Jawbone ERA/ICON

  • Turn ERA/ICON power switch off.
  • Hold power while plugging in charger.
  • Wait for red flash.
  • Unplug and power on as normal.

Simple enough!


iPhoto Hates Andriod

Ok, so a recent iPhoto update breaks the kinda-sorta non-standard "DCIM" implementation on some Android based phones. This means your phone will show up in iPhoto or Image Capture but you can't just click Import and go like you could with an iOS based device.

What's the solution? Well, there are options.

You can setup a Folder Action connected to the /Volumes/ folder to pull the photos in automatically when USB Mass Storage is connected. Hassle factor 9000, a pain to setup, and it still doesn't make it easy to delete imported items.

You can import the files Manually by dragging the DCIM Folder onto the iPhoto dock icon, or via the File > Import to Library menu command. Barely less of a hassle b/c it doesn't require 'skillz' to setup and again fails because you can't delete the imported items.

Then there's Picasa for Mac, it's by Google and of course they make it easy as pie to pull in the pics from an Android Phone. Hassle factor zero FTW.


Linksys RV042 Firmware Upgrades

Ok, you can't find the Firmware updates for the RV042 Dual WAN Router at Linksys' site anymore, even though it's a Linksys branded product. They must be had at Cisco's site, here, search the page for "Download Software".

There's a newer hardware revision (v3), which takes a 4.x level firmware, whereas anything v1 and v2 will run on the 1.x firmware.

Ok, and to compound things, the 4.x firmwares are distributed as .bin files via direct download, whereas the 1.x firmwares must be extracted from the .zip download, the .rmt file is the actual firmware file to be uploaded to the router.

If you attempt to upload either the 4.x series or the unextracted 1.x firmware you will get bounced to the upgrade.cgi but nothing loads and there is no actual error message or other feedback.

Here's where to get the firmwares, direct from the Cisco site.


Stuck CD-ROM

We see a lot of these in the shop, easy way to get them open when it's got a sticking tray, apply light pressure inward on the drive tray while pressing eject, you wont feel the drive push back out but the tray will pop out as if there's no problem at all.

Next time I come across one I'll make a YouTube video.