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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic´╗┐."

 - Arthur C. Clarke


Kill Linksys Wireless Monitor

It runs as a service, so you can't disable any kind of startup item to turn it off.

  • Start > Run > services.msc
  • Find WMP54Gv4SVC, right click, Stop.
  • Linksys icon should be gone from the system tray.
  • To permanently disable, right click, select Properties, set Startup Type to "disabled".


Cancel iPad International Data

Ran into an issue where one of our clients needed to cancel their international roaming account on their iPad. From what I could tell there are options there for cancelling the account outright, but not for only cancelling only the international part.

Well, as it turns out, at&t iPad international plans are purchased for 30 day periods, and do not auto-renew.

You can also confirm by calling at&t wireless support at: 1-800-331-0500, you will be asked for your wireless phone number, which can be found in Settings > General > About > Cellular Data Number on the iPad or iPad 2.


DNS, What is it?

DNS or Domain Name Server/Service, it's what turns a web address (URL) into an IP address, and it also allows for different destinations to be "resolved" (looked up) based on the type of service requested.

The process of matching a URL to a destination is called "name resolution". For example: Email servers are designated with MX records (Mail Exchange), other records are A records (Address), CNAME records (Canonical Name), PTR records (Pointer), TXT records (Text Information).

Because there are so many servers on the internet, a distributed system is used to maintain the records for all possible combinations.

Due to the fact there isn't one single list, changes in one area take time to propagate. While far from perfect, the Internet would be quite cumbersome without the DNS system we have in place today.

More on DNS at Wikipedia


Gmail POP on iOS and iPhone

Although iOS on the iPhone supports all the latest and greatest email systems, there are usage scenarios that are better suited to POP access than IMAP or Exchange ActiveSync.

For instance: if your users insist that they be able to receive and delete messages on a mobile device and have them stay unread and available on the desktop, the only way this works is via POP.

The only hiccup setting this up is that iOS will default to IMAP access, even if you specify Google's POP servers, if you do not implicitly select POP instead of IMAP from the two-way selector shown at right when entering account details.

Honestly though, beyond this special case there's no reason to be using the old-style POP server access, it's there for compatibility with older devices only.

As far as protocol preference with gmail, my priorities are: Gmail Native HTML > ActiveSync > IMAP > POP.


Actiontec GT704WG, no bridge mode.

The Actiontec GT704WG router/bridge/gateway is crippled from Verizon. If you want your sweet public facing DHCP directly assigned to your inside router, you'll need to get a replacement. Maybe the Actiontec GT701D, it's available at Best Buy locally for around $50 in a pinch.

You can also replace the device software with unsupported versions, but don't bother, get yourself a proper unit.

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