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Union Bank and

Ok, found an issue with and Union bank which will prevent you from logging in until you realize how simple it is:

Passwords on Union have a MAXIMUM of 14 characters.

Why does this matter? Well, if when you setup your Union Bank login, you created a password say, 16 characters and didn't realize there was a "top-end" to the password, it would always be automatically truncated to 14 characters when logging into Union, fine, at least you can get logged in.

However, will happily take those extra characters, and because it doesn't match the expected 14 character password for Union Bank, you'll never get authenticated.


XBMC Update Library vs Scan For New Content

So this feature confused me, but it makes sense once it's spelled out:

  • Update Library searches all sources for new content and compares it against the scrapers before adding to the Library.
  • Scan For New Content will only look for new items in the currently selected Folder/Source to be added to the Library.

The functions are similar, but the purpose is different depending on the required scope.


Fix LibreOffice "Restore Windows" Bug

The saved application states in Lion are located at:

/Users/[youruser]/Library/Saved Application State/

You will need to remove the state files assoicated with the application having problems, in this case: LibreOffice.

The filenames here are in a similar format to preference files if you're familiar, but if you don't care, just delete the folder:

org.libreoffice.script.savedState located inside the Saved Application State folder shown above.



Combine vCards

I barely believe the solution is this rudimentary, but it is.

To combine vCard files, simply concatenate the files using the copy command:


copy *.vcf allcards.vcf

Linux / MacOS X:

cat *.vcf > allcards.vcf

The resulting allcards.vcf file can be imported into Gmail Contacts, Mac Address Book, Outlook, or other vCard compatible Application.


NewSoft CD Labeler Software (for Mac)

Painfully silly what's going on here, the Mac verison isn't on the disc as implied by this FAQ entry on Brother's Support site, it's actually at a URL, linked from within the installer:

Download NewSoft CD Labeler direct from NewSoft

This may require a Brother Printer, but at least you wont have to locate your original disc just to download something!

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