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SonicWall NetExtender VPN Error 0x00000301

Troubleshot an issue like this earlier today, the solution was pretty simple: there was an alternative VPN connection automatically established in the background via NetMotion, by placing NetMotion into bypass mode (disable VPN), the NetExtender VPN was able to connect successfully.

This error could be caused by a separate VPN application running a tunnel underneath the NetExtender, disable the other VPN solution and you should be fine.


"legit" iPhone Unlocking

Maybe you're familiar with "unlocking" your iPhone, maybe you've heard of "jailbreaking", let me first clarify what these things mean:

Unlocking is the process of removing carrier restrictions, so you can (for instance), use your AT&T iPhone with T-Mobile service.

Jailbreaking is the process of removing manufacturer restrictions, so you can (for instance), unlock your phone, install 3rd party software not authorized by apple.

They are not the same thing, although frequently people will jailbreak their phones soley for the purpose of unlocking it. This would be a "non-legit" unlock.

A true unlock must be prompted from the carrier that locked the phone, at&t has a form for customers that have fufilled their contract.

There is another way, is a back-door to the carriers lock system, so you can have your device legitimately unlocked from the source without having to deal with the carrier directly.

Seriously, it works.


Print Disabled in Picasa Viewer

If you have specific File Types un-associated with the Picasa application (Tools > Options > File Types Tab), then even if they open to view in the Picasa Photo Viewer, you will not be able to edit or print.

Simply check the correct file type associations in the Picasa options to restore the edit and print functionality.


Download YouTube Videos

There are countless plugins to achieve this goal, but this one is lightweight and doesn't use any third-party servers for processing, you're simply downloading the original MP4 file from Google servers.

Download YouTube Videos as MP4

It's only for Firefox, but it works!


Check Firmware Version on Canon t1i

I was playing around trying to install the Magic Lantern firmware for Canon cameras to enable Bulb mode for shooting with TriggerTrap on iOS.

One of the steps is verifying the currently installed verison of the Firmware on your camera, it is on the ML Installation page, but doing a direct search I couldn't find this simple step:

You can check your firmware version by setting your mode dial to Manual (M) and looking in the Canon menu.

That took care of me, the next hurdle was how exactly to access the new features. On the 500D/t1i, to do that you just hit the Trash button and you'll see the Magic Lantern Settings Menu.