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 - Arthur C. Clarke


ScanSnap many pages as single PDF to Evernote

Found this page with information on getting scanning to Evernote working smoothly.

If you don't do this tweak, when you scan multiple pages, no matter if you pick the PDF or JPEG option from the "QuickMenu", you'll end up with one page per note, not what you expect.


Set Final Draft Default Template or Stationary

A very imporatnt but non-obvious setting in Final Draft:

“You would like this template to open whenever you launch Final Draft, open it, go to Tools > Options (Windows) or Final Draft menu > Preferences (Mac) and choose On Launch: Open New Document. Restart the program and your "My Template" will be the default blank document.”


Compare screen sizes and aspects

Display Wars lets you plug in aspect ratios and inches diagonal to compare relative screen sizes, very handy!


Only display 1, 3 with USB 2.0 VGA

If you have a SIIG USB 2.0 to VGA adapter, you might have an issues where the displays do not show up correctly, do not extend, or there are graphical glitches on the display.

To fix, simply install the updated driver from SIIG located here.

Make sure your device says v2.0 if you download the Hardware Version 2 driver, otherwise install Hardware Version 1.


iOS 7 iMessage "Waiting for activation"

Just, be, patient.

If it didn't throw an "Activation failed" message, and just says waiting for activation, bloody be patient.

It literally can take 24 hours, sometimes it takes seconds, but if you wait 24 hours, I bet you it will fix itself.

Oh btw, when you flip it on and off, the timeout restarts.