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"legit" iPhone Unlocking

Maybe you're familiar with "unlocking" your iPhone, maybe you've heard of "jailbreaking", let me first clarify what these things mean:

Unlocking is the process of removing carrier restrictions, so you can (for instance), use your AT&T iPhone with T-Mobile service.

Jailbreaking is the process of removing manufacturer restrictions, so you can (for instance), unlock your phone, install 3rd party software not authorized by apple.

They are not the same thing, although frequently people will jailbreak their phones soley for the purpose of unlocking it. This would be a "non-legit" unlock.

A true unlock must be prompted from the carrier that locked the phone, at&t has a form for customers that have fufilled their contract.

There is another way, is a back-door to the carriers lock system, so you can have your device legitimately unlocked from the source without having to deal with the carrier directly.

Seriously, it works.