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Gmail POP on iOS and iPhone

Although iOS on the iPhone supports all the latest and greatest email systems, there are usage scenarios that are better suited to POP access than IMAP or Exchange ActiveSync.

For instance: if your users insist that they be able to receive and delete messages on a mobile device and have them stay unread and available on the desktop, the only way this works is via POP.

The only hiccup setting this up is that iOS will default to IMAP access, even if you specify Google's POP servers, if you do not implicitly select POP instead of IMAP from the two-way selector shown at right when entering account details.

Honestly though, beyond this special case there's no reason to be using the old-style POP server access, it's there for compatibility with older devices only.

As far as protocol preference with gmail, my priorities are: Gmail Native HTML > ActiveSync > IMAP > POP.

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