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Digispark Pro Windows 7 Driver

So you followed the instructions and the driver still didn't load.

No matter what you do you can't find the driver.

Looks like the newer versions of the Arduino IDE dont' "trust" the driver installer package which will be downloaded into a hidden folder when you add the board to the Board Manager in the Arduino IDE.

To complete the install and allow the driver to load you must execute the driver installer manually from:


Once this is done you can connect your Digispark and watch the driver load like it should.


Toshiba "Syntax error in parameters or arguments"

How to fix error 2501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments, as seen in the Toshiba eStudio Copier's log.

In our case the "email address" used for outbound scans was set to something that wasn't an email address, and those settings are NOT located in Administration > Network > SMTP Client, instead the "from" email address is defined in Administration > Email.

Default username and password is admin:123456.


Fix Debian Guest OS Resolution in Parallels VM 10

After installing Parallels Tools, you'll need to specify the resolutions for your system in the following file:


Find the "Modes" line and add your desired resolutions, I had to add "1440x900" to get full-screen working on my 13" MacBook Air.


How to find start up folder in Windows 8

You may notice in Windows 8 the Startup Folder is hidden by default, to get it back so that you can have applications or documents automatically run when Windows starts up: 

1. Right-click a blank area of the Start Screen then click All apps.

2. Click Run. 

3. Enter shell:startup in the Run Dialog that appears and click OK.

4. The Startup folder will appear.

You may put shortcuts of programs and documents you want loaded on startup into the folder.


Fix broken Fax in Windows 8.1

Since Windows 7, Windows has had fairly comprehensive abilities to send and receive faxes using compatible modem hardware either internally via PCI, or via USB.

Unfortunately, due to a bug in Windows 8.1, you may get the feture setup but unable to complete receiving an incoming fax or not able to complete sending without problems.

In addition, received documents contained in the faulty profile may temprarily disappear when the modem "falls off".

Through the Microsoft TechNet, a solution has been found here.

Simply download the FXST30.dll file from that thread, and replace the "broken" verison in C:\Windows\System32\